NAFE organized a number of community-based initiatives on economic empowerment projects for youth and women in Middle and North Jordan Valley

23rd October 2019: The National Foundation for Family Empowerment (NAFE), in partnership
with a number of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in the Jordan Valley, implemented a number of youth initiatives aimed at correcting the society’s concepts about small-based and micro-economic projects. The initiatives aimed to raise awareness of women and youth about women’s economic participation and its importance in the sustainable development of societies, and the impact hat economic home-based projects have on women, youth and the economic prospects for their future. The initiatives included a number of activities that focused on correcting some misconceptions about women’s participation in economic projects and public life, and their leading role in community development. During the initiative, some concepts related to women and their participation in economic life were presented to the participants, who in turn organized small group discussions on these concepts, and made recommendations on the correct concepts. The correction of concepts includes addressing the role of women and men in society, the rights and duties of each, the importance of contributing to economic development by both men and women, and the impact that women’s participation in economic projects on changing concepts, participation in public, cultural, social, and society’s stability, and changing
the stereotype about women. The initiatives also addressed the importance of enhancing the participation of women in peace and security and the roles that women can play in maintaining civil peace in societies and combating extremist and terrorist thoughts. Within this framework, the participants were acquainted with the Jordanian National Plan to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, the objectives of this initiative, and Jordan’s advanced position on women’s participation at various levels. In addition, the initiatives addressed the importance of mainstreaming and promoting the National Plan for the implementation of UNSCR 1325 through women’s associations and grassroots institutions, and their central role in raising the
awareness of local communities on women’s economic, political and social issues.
The initiatives included presentations of a number of success stories presented by women an young people on the small economic and home-based projects they have created through the Economic Empowerment Project and Savings and Loan Groups. Women and youth presented their experiences in setting up these projects, the difficulties and challenges they faced during the design and implementation of the project, and presented their experiences on marketing these projects, reaching people, marketing in the community, and the importance of Emarketing and social media.The initiatives have come up with a number of recommendations related to enhancing women’s economic participation and playing an advanced role in societal issues:

  1. Conducting advanced capacity building courses for women and youth in the field of
    home-based projects, in particular the mechanisms of building sound economic
    feasibility work plan for the project in order to avoid falling into the problems of loss of
    project capital.
  2. The need to organize advanced training on life skills, leadership skills and savings skills.
  3. The need to organize training on marketing mechanisms and study the local market, and
    the selection of distinctive and non-refined projects.
  4. The need to involve men and young people in awareness-raising activities that
    contribute to changing their attitudes and attitudes towards stereotypical image of
    women and to participate in activities related to raising awareness about gender-based
    violence and violence against girls and women.
  5. The need to conduct campaigns and initiatives aimed at marginalized communities, and
    to reach women and young people most affected by the economic crisis in the Kingdom,
    and provide small economic projects for them to help their families to improve
    livelihoods and income.
  6. Participants stressed the importance of helping them market their small businesses
    products outside the Jordan Valley through networking with markets in Amman.
  7. Participants in the initiative recommended the importance of implementing other
    economic and social initiatives in the Jordan Valley, as these initiatives contribute to
    positively impact on changing the stereotype of women’s participation in different
    economic fields.
    It should be noted that these initiatives have been implemented in several areas in Irbid and
    Balqa’a governorates and are an important part of the economic empowerment for women and
    youth project in remote areas of the northern and central Jordan Valley, which is implemented
    in partnership with MEDA Jordan and funded by Global Affairs-Canada.

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