NAFE Workshop: “Men as supporters of women in breaking social barriers and political and economic exclusion”

30th September 2019, The National Association for Family Empowerment organized a workshop entitled “Men as Supporters of Women”, in partnership with the Bab Al Rayyan Women Association in the Dirar Bin Al-Azwar area in the central Jordan Valley. The workshop was held on Wednesday, 18 September 2019, and was attended by 30 men and 13 women from the central Jordan Valley, representing community-based organizations, communities, the education sector and religious institutions in the Jordan Valley.

The workshop discussed the ways in which men support women at various social, political and economic levels, the role of men in promoting the concepts of equality, and changing the stereotype of women and their positive role in political, economic and social development. The workshop also tackled the challenges facing men in supporting women and exchanging roles between them and women in predominantly customary societies that restrict women’s freedom of participation in public and political life and their economic participation.

During the workshop, participants stressed the importance of exchanging roles in household and community matters between men and women, and that men should contribute more to support women and overcome the culture of flaw that prevents some men from supporting women and limit their economic participation or limit access to leadership positions, whether at the family level, at the community level or at the national level.

The workshop dealt with many social phenomena that limit women’s freedom in vulnerable and marginalized communities, the most important of which is their participation in local decision-making and their economic participation, stressing that community awareness campaigns should be carried out on the positive role that women can play in serving their local community and their families. At the end of the workshop, the Interactive Theater of NAFE performed an interactive theater show using participatory roles between men and women, in addition to addressing some societal issues related to women and their exploitation such as work and early marriage.

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