Business Development Plan

This workshop is held over a four-day period and is aimed at Jordanians who seek to create or develop a small business. Each day consists of two separate sessions that each include a variety of activities. The first day begins with introductions of both the project and the participants, as NAFE recognizes the importance of creating a community that can last beyond completion of the workshop. Participants and the facilitator(s) define entrepreneurship, discuss setting and tailoring personal and project goals, and consider the characteristics of a good project idea. 

The second day of this workshop combines theory and practice. During the first session, participants learn about reasons behind success and failure in small projects, analyze points of strength and weakness, and study the 6 M’s of marketing. During the second session, they participate in three drills that seek to simulate real-life marketing scenarios. One of these also exposes participants to the 4 P’s of marketing

The third day revolves around execution of participants’ business ideas. During the first session, they discuss operation considerations and obstacles for individual project ideas, including size of production, necessary machines and tools, how to acquire raw materials, and means of transportation. The second session focuses on funding for projects and how to create and apply budgets in real life. 

The final day of the workshop teaches participants about account keeping, and specifically studies the different types of financial records and accounting books and their pros and cons. The workshop ends with an activity about practical applications of account keeping and a review of the most important lessons from the past four days. Although the workshop is held over a short period of time, NAFE aims to provide participants with a strong base that can be utilized to launch future business ideas and empower participants to continue seeking practical skills and knowledge.