Capacity Building

As an NGO focused on the betterment of society as a whole, an important part of NAFE’s role is to support and assist organizations with similar goals. This is achieved through capacity building of CSOs, CBOs, and local governments. By capacity building, NAFE can ensure that these groups have the necessary means to operate at their full potential and run their grass-roots development smoothly. Communication and transparency between individuals and their local governorates is an important part of ensuring social and economic progress. To develop Jordanian civil society as such, CSOs must first become effective promoters of civil engagement and participation. Once the proper dialogue platforms have been opened between citizens and their governments, their representation in their communities will increase. This accurate representation of all citizens on the local level will lead the national government to develop and implement transparent and accountable plans to suit the needs of all citizens.

To accomplish this goal NAFE will focus on evidence based advocacy and accountability of CSOs. Evidence based advocacy begins with research and the academic side of community development. These factors show us the statistics of where help is needed the most. NAFE then uses this evidence to target the specific people, places, and socioeconomic issues that lie at the root of the problem. The second factor of capacity building is accountability. Local governorates and CSOs have the means to make an impact on the grass-roots level; however, inefficiencies and a lack of direction often prevent them from achieving their goals. NAFE and other NGOs use the accountability component of capacity building to ensure well run and efficient local organizations. This is accomplished through monitoring public relations, financial statements and work in the field. NAFE knows that its impact in Jordan goes beyond their own office, and the first step of building a better country begins with capacity building and working together.