Gender Equality

At NAFE, we believe that gender equality is a right. Our initiatives focus on the empowerment of women and youth in Jordan. We do this by providing training and resources for local Community Based Organizations.

Awareness-Raising Workshops

We connect local CBO’s with experts who conduct workshops with women and youth in the communities that we work with. These workshops raise awareness of social issues such as early marriages, civic law, extremism, legal counseling and political participation for women. In the past we have also focused on resolution 1325 and laws related to women economic participation.

Interactive Theater Groups

The National Association for Family Empowerment uses different tools for social and political change while working with local communities. One of the tools that are being used by NAFE is Interactive Theatre for increasing awareness about extremism, Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Violence against Women and Girls (VAWGs), early childhood marriage, economic empowerment of women and youth, women exploitation and abuse at work place, physical and verbal violence, issues related to work and exclusion of women from economic empowerment programs, among other gender inequality issues. 

Interactive theatre has been employed by NAFE as a tool for engaging the community in a dialogue, and mobilizing communities to solve different social and societal issues. It is applied through a participatory manner by inviting an audience to participate in the act about a social or societal issue.  NAFE has formed and trained a theater team from a group of male and female youth from different local communities to conduct performances at different localities.  

NAFE has organized dozens of interactive theater performances across Jordan, particularly in marginalized and remote areas where women and girls, Jordanians and refugees, face many challenges related to gender based violence and gender equality. Such performances have contributed to changing the stereotypical images about women, and contributed to engaging men and youth in the efforts of gender equality and responding to GBV. 

Gender Equality Training

We have specific training promoting gender equality among women and youth in Aqaba and Tafila governorates. We believe that economic participation plays a substantial role in gender equality. So, for these trainings we brought in experts to help women in these communities develop business skills, financial literacy, and soft skills with the goal of economic empowerment.