Youth Initiatives

In recent years economic and political factors such as a struggling Jordanian economy and an influx of Syrian refugees have caused the youth’s struggle in the workforce. NAFE focuses on revitalizing the youth in the economy, especially in vulnerable areas of Jordan. This is accomplished primarily through two factors: education and capital. Currently our SLGs target 5,000 people, a large portion of which are youth. Additionally, these people are partaking in financial literacy training to help facilitate their success in different economic sectors. These actions show the steps NAFE has taken to reduce the thirty-seven percent unemployment rate that reveals the need for action on behalf of Jordanian youth.

NAFE’s Youth Initiatives and Campaigning Program 

In Jordan, youth make up one-third of the total population, which means that they must be taking lead in advancing economic and social development. It also means that empowerment and engagement of youth in community and youth-led initiatives is a pre-requirement for gaining tangible results, change and social impact at the community level. 

Aims of the program: 

NAFE works with youth and adolescents in marginalized areas and prepare them for meaningful and productive management in their communities. Youth Initiatives and Campaigning Program facilitates the engagement of young people, males and females, in voluntary activities that can strengthen their personal capacities and enhance their leadership skills to advocate as change makers. It also aims to increase youth participation in local decision making process and economic sector, and in increasing community awareness about gender-based violence, gender inequalities, and the importance of women’s participation in economic activities, and in political and public life. 

Another component of the Program aims to engage young males and females in activities that can contribute to the implementation of Jordan national action plans on promotion and protection of human rights and sustainable development. 

What we do: 

NAFE provides youth with all necessary tools and means to make them productive and change makers. We enhance youth participation and engagement through: 

Strengthening youth capacities and skills to become change makers 

NAFE builds capacities of youth in a participatory and transformational learning process and based on successful examples of youth-led initiatives. Youth are usually trained on leadership skills, volunteerism, problem solving, team project management, advocacy, lobbying, networking and designing and implementation of youth-led initiatives and campaigning based on assessment of community needs and priorities. 

Designing and implementation of youth-led initiatives and campaigns

NAFE provides youth with capacity training, coaching and mentorship, to design and implement successful and meaningful youth-led initiatives and campaigns. Such initiatives aim to engage youth, and increase their participation in the desired social, political and economic change. 

NAFE trains youth to design and implement initiatives to increase awareness in communities and influence decision makers and to pressure them to become more accountable and transparent.  

Enhance Youth participation in economic sector

NAFE provides youth with required skills to pursue employment and self-employment opportunities through a comprehensive capacity building programme focusing on small business development, financial literacy, marketing, employment skills, work place ethics, working with colleagues, writing CVs, soft and life skills. Additionally, youth are provided with financial resources through grants and linkages to MFIs as well as linkages with potential employment opportunities.